Training Lessons to feel your Woman potential.

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Training Lessons to feel your Woman potential.

Dear Women,
I have finished my education with my last student and I have a new place free for you. My name is Thomas, I am 38 and I have 6 years experience. I practice mental and physical domination to train your submissive devotion to a man. I will give you all the keys to be totally devoted and feel proud of yourself. We will break all your obstruction and reach your wishes and limits.
In any BDSM relation, respect is a prerequisite and is mandatory for both.
I’am looking for a devoted woman who wants to train and learn. I don’t accept people without elegance and education, except that I have no specific criteria. Feel free to apply. I need someone passionate and trustful for our games and lessons. I love women and be sure my goal will be to make you feel your unlimited power in our lessons.
You can send me an email for any question or pictures and see if this place will be for you.
Lovely Day
Maître Thomas

PS : This BDSM Relation will be in English or in French.