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Aufrufe: 16


Sexually dominant male, 48yrs of age, 177cm/70kg, offers an opportunity for a sexually submissive, sensual and fanciful female, experienced or inexperienced, based on friendship at least (not really interested in merely sexual relationships without any emotional context).
I’m one of those males whose sexual satisfaction results primarily in his ability to satisfy his subs needs and desires, for hours on end, until she has been played with in such a manner that I managed to take her to another world. A world where she is ultimately unable to be anything else but a submissive, accepting and obedient puppet for me to play with, a female who lost her own free will, and has nothing else on her mind but the wish for me to continue, to give her more of what she really needs.
For me this kind of lovemaking is nothing else but a sacrifice for the goddess of love, a sacrifice in which my partner is the victim, whose moans and cries, pleas and whimpers, sweat and exstasy I will offer to the goddess Venus.
But as my victim you will not dislike this, instead you might want to be my victim again and again, coming back to beg for more of this tantric exstasy that I can give you.
I’m well versed in the usage of cuffs, ropes, wax, riding crops and other spanking tools, soft brushes, clamps and the like, but also very creative in using everyday tools for perverted purposes if there’s nothing else at hand.
As a creative guy I'm also able to spellbind my victiom with stories and ides full of sensual and perverted phantasies, and my ability to whisper things in my victims ears to captivate her mind and arouse her perverted sexual desires, could also be dangerous for you ;-)
Some words of caution: There have been ladies who were inundated with my sexual prowess, and found it too much for them that I could fuck them for 3 hours nearly non-stop while playing with them, or couldn’t bear my favourite game of tease and denial for als long as I like to play it.
But I’m not a total dick, and if my victim learns how to communicate with me properly, she can eventually hit my soft spot and I will take tenderly care of her, which is something I also do like, especially if my actions brought her to tears of joy.
Of course this doesn’t mean that it’s possible to top me from the bottom, since I decide when and if I react to my victims pleas for mercy :-)