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49-year old dominant-sadistic male is looking for a submissive and emotionally open female.

Experience told me that rather inexperienced younger women are more likely to be happy with me, since I'm an empathic Gentle-Dom, a Mentor and Teacher, not someone whose goal is the egotistic fullfillment of his fleshly desires.

Experience also showed me that quite a lot of my former sexual partners had to experience a history of sexual abuse, and were able to enjoy sex with me for the first time, because I could establish a trusting relationship, maybe because I am very open about my perverted sexuality, but not narcissistic or egotistic. I never try to lead a woman to a place she doesn't want to go, though I like to seduce her to try those things that secretly turn her on ;-)

I have to admit that I am a little bit ashamed that a partners history of sexual abuse turns me on, but my intention is not to retraumatize or to really be a sexual predator, rather to be a shoulder she can lean on, to be someone to comfort her, and to explore our perverted sexuality together, so both can derive pleasure out of it as well to be able to better deal with it.

I'm surely not the typical Dom or Macho-Type, but this doesn't mean that topping from the bottom is a possibility with me.

I know exactly what some women need, know how to fulfill perverted sexual desires, know how to win a womens trust and lead her to a point where she freely submits, even begs for thosethings she secretely desires but wouldn't even tell her BFF about.

For me candles are not only there to produce a romantic setting, know how to use everyday tools like a ruler, wooden spoon, or a thin bamboo rod used in gardening, to spank and discipline a woman, and a lot more.

I also know that my sexual energy, my endurance, my seemingly limitless sexual fantasy, and my empathy, may be to much for some, while other's will fall under my spell once they tasted these pleasures I am able to give.

Fairly often a woman had to cry and shed tears when I played with her, but not because of pain, not in agony, but because the pleasures I gave her where so intense, so long lasting, so beautiful that she had to shed tears of joy. Of course there might have been a riding crop involved in such games, but coupled with a gentle hand that knows how to touch her properly, this is one of the most intense pleasures a man can give.

Beeing a childhood victim of sexual and emotional abuse myself, I have no intention of seeking a victim for my sexual desires, but rather a partner (for play and/or for love) with whom these things are possible in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

Cheers, Karl