email an: Lady Marit
Vienna only


The ideal candidate should live in Vienna and bring an overwhelming urge to serve without expecting any return (!).

You are at least 180 cm tall, well groomed, fit and sane. You are aware how to treat a lady properly and willing to submit under her will. You do as you're told and carry out my orders unanimously to make my life easier and prettier. As a bright observer you recognize repeating patterns allowing you to read my mind pleasing me by moving things even before I need to command them. Plus, you are able to deal with your personal life and stress without transferring it to me (I do not want to have a stressful relation with an immature and cumbersome person).

My appearance is basically business-like; slender, long hair, always with sun glasses and in high-heels that do require lots of attention. I am spoilt, impatient, straight-forward, and ambitious. Rest assured you'll get punished severely for any misbehaving or failing to meet my standards.

Your duties will be (but not limited to) running all of my errands in- and outside my appartment, take me around the city, carrying my purchases, help me to find myself through how things work in Vienna or translate German for me, sometimes with very short lead-time. I also enjoy receiving skilled massages. To convey your sincereness you will endure your services being held firmly in chastity for most of the time without having any influence of your next release. I do not argue over this point, it is final.

In case you still feel like taking the challenge make sure to convince me that you have sufficient time and means to fulfil my needs. State relevant previous experience, if available. A fancy car definitely is an asset. Messages without photo will be deleted. Obviously, I prefer to communicate with people fluent in English.

Before you decide to write me understand that you're neither equal nor important to me. Your sole justification being part of some precious hours of my life is that you bring value to them. There won't be any reward for you, not even a thank you. Don't even think of being allowed to touch any part of my sacred body except my feet. Consider as the utmost feedback that if I don't beat the crap out of you, you just may have performed satisfactorily and earned yourself another day under my superior heels.